How To Prevent Weeds Around Pavers

Care For Your Brick Pavers

When it comes to yard maintenance, nothing can be more frustrating than battling those pesky weeds that grow in between your pavers on your patio, driveway or pathway. They can be difficult to remove, and stubborn to eliminate. But there are solutions.

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Properly installed pavers to start with are usually more resilient to weed growth. Also important – selecting the right materials for your project, as weeds tend to grow quickly and spread out even faster. Using the right contractor, or doing your homework before tackling one of these projects is essential. Another key tip? It’s important to make sure there is a sufficient slope for water to drain when it rains. Weeds tend to thrive in cool, damp environments, and proper drainage can help eliminate growth and spreading.

Paver Maintenance

Regular maintenance is also a must-do. This includes sweeping your paver stones so that seedlings don’t settle, while simultaneously disrupting new weeds from growing between pavers. It’s important to remove any new weeds you see as quickly as possible. Pulling them does work, as do organic solutions sprayed between the pavers. It is not recommended to use harsh chemical solutions as they are damaging to both people, animals, plants, trees and the surrounding ground areas. You can try white vinegar, or even boiling water to start. Search online as well for additional spray solutions. You can also pressure wash the spaces in between your pavers, and refill with new stabilizing sand. The proper sand between your pavers is a critical step to battling and eliminating those pesky weeds, as it doesn’t allow seedlings to fall between the pavers.

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