Roots vs. Pavers…Who Wins?

It’s a simple truth. Over time, roots from trees and larger bushes can damage your brick paver patio, walkways or landscaping elements. Most people think about tree roots and roots from larger bushes when it comes to potential damage to the foundation of their home; in actuality they are not the direct cause of foundation damage – it’s the condition of the soil that has changed that causes the foundation to be compromised.

Roots vs Pavers

That being said, roots from trees and larger bushes can be strong enough to create force that can move smaller retaining walls, so yes, the brick pavers around your home can also be affected greatly if not installed properly.

The Solution

The simple solution of cutting the problem-area roots might seem ideal, but that would put the tree or large bush in jeopardy, causing tree rot to occur and spread throughout the tree or shrub. This can also weaken a tree to the point that it may fall over.  If your brick pavers are affected by root systems to the point that they are cracked, tilted or misplaced, these can cause safety issues in addition to being an eyesore. But there are solutions.

The pavers can be removed, and the roots covered with a new layer of setting material. Setting materials include sand or stone dust, which covers the area while creating a flatter surface to work with when re-installing the pavers. Another solution is to replace the pavers with pea-stone, lower maintenance in general while greatly adaptive to the movement and growth of most root systems.

Additional Options

Additional options include replacing paves with an on-grade deck. This installation can be complicated, as you need to carefully place the footings to avoid any large roots. You can also look into moving your patio to a different area of the yard, away from the larger root systems, then hiding the roots with a flower garden.

So if you’re thinking of installing (or repairing) a paver patio or walkway around root systems, it’s best to consult a professional brick paver installation company who can assess and offer the best solutions for your landscaping moving forward.

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