Why Are My Patio Pavers Sinking?

Patios provide curb appeal to your home

If you’re experiencing your patio pavers sinking, there are several possible reasons this is happening.

Not only do pavers on your patio add curb appeal, they are also an excellent addition for people who like spending their evenings outside or hosting gatherings and barbeque parties. Brick and stone paver patios are the most popular as they are strong, graceful, and generally easy to repair.

patio pavers sinking

However, after some time, you’ll notice that your paver patio isn’t right. You might start wondering “why is my patio sinking?” Today, we will explore the reasons why.

1. Unstable Ground

Without a sturdy base, your patio will sink soon after installation or maybe after a bit of time. Any loose soil must be removed to tackle this problem, before you put compressed gravel, followed by a layer of sand. Failure to perform these steps will result in an unstable base.

Not using crucial tools such as level or edger can also lead to moving pavers or gaps.

Lastly, the soil below the foundation can shift overtime because of various natural reasons causing the patio to sink – so keep an eye on that.

2. Erosion

One of the most common reasons patios sink over time is water erosion. Beneath the gravel and sand used to layout the patio paver is the natural soil vulnerable to water erosion. Similarly, the sand used for your pavers can erode overtime, increasing the amount of water flowing between the pavers and leading to the un-leveled surfaces.

3. Tree Roots

Trees and large shrubs can also sink patios if they are planted too close to them. The gravel and sand used in a paver’s baseare great for trees and large plants to spread their roots. Trees’ roots can grow twice as large as their canopy.

Moreover, trees that were once near your patio can lead to a sinking paver patio as well. This is because of the decomposition of tree roots.

4. Earthquakes

An earthquake can also impact your patio as it can shift land. The shift will depend upon the intensity of the earthquake. It can be a slight shift or a massive one. But an earthquake can cause much more harm to you and your home in conjunction with affecting your patio.

If you live in an area with frequent earthquakes, the best thing to do is to relocate.

5. Drainage Problems

If you find a large portion of your patio sinking, the problem might be a drainage issue. Maybe a sewer pipe is leaking water below the surface of your patio,dampening, and weakening the base. In this case, the best thing to do is to take help from an expert. There are many reasons why your patio might be sinking and discovering that issue is the first step to solving the problem.

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