What Kind of Sand Under Pavers

One of the most important things needed for the proper installation of pavers is sand. It is necessary to prevent the joints of the pavers from moving. Just like all other construction installations, you also need a base for pavers if you want them to not move from their place. Sand is ideal for this purpose as it forms the perfect base. You need to make sure that you only use high-quality sand for creating a base under the pavers.

sand under pavers

Things to Consider When Choosing Sand for Your Pavers

Here are some important things to consider when choosing sand for creating a base for your pavers. You will be able to create the best and most durable base if you keep these factors in mind.

1.       The Type of Sand for Pavers

There is only type of sand recommended by experts when it comes to installing pavers. The best kind of sand for this purpose is concrete sand. Cement is often combined with concrete sand and this mixture is then used to construct septic systems. This concrete sand is usually a mixture of brown, tan, and beige colors. It is the most commonly used sand for pavers because of its high quality and durability. Other sands may be used but they aren’t durable and will crack in some time which will destroy your pavers as well.

2.       Consistency of Sand

You also need to pick the right consistency of sand to create the best base for your pavers. Use coarse sand underneath the pavers. This will allow for a flatter surface, strength, and tight compaction.

3.       The Final Layer

Once you have placed two layers of crushed stone to create the base, the next step is to level it using a compactor. This will help your concrete sand lay down in an even layer. It will form a finishing cover for all the base elements and the pavers will be placed in a definite position that you want.

4.       Thickness of Sand

The sand should not be thicker than 1-1 ½ inches once it has been smoothed and leveled. Creating a very thick layer will make the base soft and the pavers will sink in or move from their place. You need to be careful about the thickness of the base to ensure that the pavers are set in place and take optimal time for setting.

It is important to be careful about the kind of sand you choose to form the base for your pavers. It is what keeps the pavers in place and will make it long-lasting and durable. Concrete sand is the best sand for this purpose as it helps set the pavers in place and makes for the best base which is durable and gives a smooth finish.

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