What Are The Best Pavers To Use For a Patio?

Be it is a mass transit, walkway, plaza exterior or any other commercial site, it is imperative to invest in good quality paving systems for various sites.

While pavers come in a variety of materials, colors, textures,  shapes, patterns and pricing, you will choose one that best suits the specific needs of your site. Stone, interlocking, permeable, concrete and brick pavers are some of the most popular choices among commercial property owners due to their beauty, strength and durability of their brick patio. They can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

pavers for patios

As one of the best paver contractors in Fort Myers, Florida, let us introduce you to brick pavers and help you to understand how to install these pavers:

Sand Set Pavers

Out of all the brick paving options, sand set pavers incur the lowest investment cost. Their Proctor density is mentioned in ASTM-D 1557 and ASTM D-698.

Sand set pavers have several advantages over other options. For instance, they can form a permeable pavement and provide easy access to underground repair. This system does not give off toxic fumes during installation. It is highly economical since it has a low cost of installation.

Bitumen Set Pavers

In terms of cost, bitumen set pavers rank as an intermediate option.

Bitumen pavers are capable of allowing minor movement. Their initial installation cost is also not too high.

Mortar Set Pavers

This is the most robust paving system out of all three. First off, an aggregate drainage layer needs to be installed on compacted soil and then installed on a concrete base on this structure. After allowing it to cure over 28 days at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then the mortar setting structure is set in place. For this particular application, you can use either the bonded or unbounded method.

Mortar set pavers are secure and can be firmly fixed in place. Hence, they need very little maintenance over the long term.  These pavers offer some of the best advantages. Since they need less maintenance, their life-cycle cost is low overall. As this paver system is robust, it is capable of withstanding point loading. Mortar set pavers can also withstand wear and tear and can, therefore, last for a long time.

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