Is A Paver Base Necessary

Pavers are a versatile material used to construct driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Sturdiness and durability depend on how they are installed and what material is used as a paver base. If you want your pavers to last, then you need to ensure that they have a strong foundation. You might have seen cracked or uneven pavers. They are a result of a poorly installed paver base. So in short, installing a paver base is crucial to get an even, flat surface that is easy to walk on and will last for years.

There are several ways to install a paver. Depending on the soil conditions and terrain, you can choose the base.

paver base uneven


Paving over concrete is a simple process that requires only slight remodeling of your plain concrete slab so that you do not waste your energy on completely removing it. You need to ensure that the concrete is flat and there are no patches or pits and cracks before laying your pavers.


Setting pavers directly over dirt is a straightforward task and is a good option if your surface has a proper drainage structure and your ground does not freeze over in winters. Before setting the pavers on dirt, you have to get rid of weeds, debris, and roots from the path. To be extra cautious, you could lay down weed barriers to discourage them from growing between the pavers.


If you live in an area where it rains a lot and the ground is damp most of the time, the best option for you would be a gravel base. Gravel is an adaptable base that allows moisture to seep through and formulates powerful support that stops the pavers from sinking into the ground.

A thicker foundation is required if you are constructing the pavers for a driveway or the soil quality is poor. The utilization of bedding sand will hold the base together without ruining the alignment of the pavers. The ground beneath the pavers must be stable; otherwise, it will lead to the pavers cracking, moving or detaching from the ground.

Whether you are repurposing your concrete base or installing a paver base for your patio or driveway, contact professional service providers, who are experts in the field and possess comprehensive knowledge about their craft. One small mishap and you will have to start from scratch. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now. With our assistance, you will be able to achieve beautifully patterned pavers with a strong foundation that will be long-lasting. Visit for more information.

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