How Long Do Brick Driveways Last

For years, concrete was the standard material used for external paving. However at some point, the construction industry switched to brick pavers for the construction of roads, walkways, and eventually, driveways. This change was sparked due to the greater durability of bricks. So, how long do brick driveways last? Well, on average, they can last for up to 25 years or more.

Brick driveways maintain their integrity longer than concrete due to a specific reason. They can adapt to the shifting and settling of the ground underneath them and maintain the interlocking form effectively. With concrete driveways, there’s always the risk that they develop cracks, forcing you to replace them after some time.

brick driveways

Brick paver driveways can withstand continuous and extreme exposure to cold and hot weather. This benefit, combined with its unique style and design, makes sure that your investment serves you well for decades. In comparison, other materials, such as asphalt don’t fare well in hotter temperatures. This is why this material is prone to warping when it remains under hot temperatures for lengthy periods.

Brick paver driveways are also recommended for homeowners who prioritize safety. They are naturally slip-resistant due to their abrasive texture, keeping them firmly held on the ground.

Now, that if you have made your mind to get a new driveway, it’s time to look for a reliable brick driveway installation company. For that purpose, you can discuss your driveway concerns to us in detail. Also, do have a look at our brick paver driveways.

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