Do Pavers Make a Good Driveway

Do Pavers Make a Good Driveway?

When you’re thinking about installing or replacing a driveway, there are a lot of options available, and many things to take into consideration. You need to think about the materials and cost, ongoing maintenance, how it helps the aesthetics of your home, adding additional features down the road, proper drainage and more. Though there are pros and cons to all driveway surface materials, driveway pavers are your best choice when you look at the benefits they provide.

do pavers make a good driveway

Brick Pavers Advantages

Driveway pavers are one of the more safer options for avoiding slippery surfaces. When traditional concrete driveways get wet, they tend to become slick and, in hence, create a potentially dangerous surface on which to walk over. A driveway with pavers, on the other hand, is inherently slip-resistant due to its textured surface. In short, pavers create a driveway that is much safer to walk on, even when wet.

Paver Maintenance

One of the more common complaints that homeowners have regarding concrete driveways is how easily they become stained from leaking oil and other fluids from their vehicles. Once stains do occur, the entire surface area must be repaired in order to hide them. There are a wide variety of DIY stain removal methods you can research online, as well as products you can purchase in any typical home improvement store. But these can involve a lot of excessive work, without guaranteeing results. And worse? You may add new stains to your concrete driveway the minute you park your vehicles on it again.

Brick pavers are a much better solution, as they tend to stain less than concrete. And, if a small section of the driveway does show a stain, those pavers can easily be removed and replaced with clean ones.

Another great benefit of pavers?

They are permeable to rain, which means that the water seeps through the paver joints and trickles down into the soil under the driveway, which reduces the risk of flooding during heavy rainstorms. And driveway pavers are resistant to weeds since newer sand stabilizer compounds have been in use. This means less sand is required between the paver joints as part of regular maintenance.

Driveway pavers are also one of the most popular because, besides adding beauty to your landscaping and home, you can use pavers to add steps, walkways, planter boxes and more. The style, functionality and durability of paver driveways simply can’t be matched.

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