Is Travertine Tile Durable?

Is travertine tile durable? Being one of the oldest building materials, travertine has a lot of prestige. But is it strong enough for durable flooring?

Is Travertine Durable?

The short answer is: yes. Travertine is indeed durable and resilient, as a result of which it has a long history of use.

Travertine tiles are also resilient to moisture as well as water. As long as you maintain and care for these tiles properly, they should last long, making them a prime choice for elegant and timeless homes.

Since travertine is so resilient, it is a great choice for pavers, countertops and floors.

If you really must know how strong and resilient travertine really is, then look no further than the Coliseum. The famed historical site is still well preserved in large part due to travertine. This is how robust and durable this natural stone really is.

Travertine hardness is right up with there with premium grade natural materials like marble. Thus, you can use it in places that will see heavy foot traffic and work.

travertine tile is durable

Travertine is Versatile

As travertine tiles are so hard-wearing, you can install them both indoors and outdoors wherever you please. You can also install them by the poolside, where they will be able to take on the elements like sunshine and water. There is no need to fear the intense glare of the scorching sun when installing travertine tiles on the retaining wall or garden path.

Even if travertine tiles do get damaged, they are easy to replace.

The Vivid Colors of Travertine

Travertine tiles have a major advantage in that they are available in a stunning array of hues and shades. These gorgeous tiles have a wide spectrum of colors and designs which are bound to take your fancy and impress beholders. Settling for the best choice may be challenging since there are so many charming designs to choose from.

Travertine Textures

Travertine tiles can be found in all sorts of textures, including tumbled, brushed, matte and polished. Thus, you can choose the right texture that corresponds to the ambiance and décor of your home. For dazzling brilliance, you can select radiant polished travertine tiles. But what if you are after a timeless rustic look? You can then settle for tumbled or brushed travertine. This natural, versatile material lends itself to all sorts of interiors.

For a truly bold and eclectic look, you can go with tiny tiles for a mosaic finish.

Travertine Downside and Solution

The major pitfall of travertine is pitting – pun intended. Since travertine is a natural stone, it could develop small holes that can grow with time. Travertine has a porous structure. One advantage of this is that travertine can remain cool even under the blazing sun since it naturally has insulating air pockets. It is ideal for the pool where you may be able to walk barefoot with comfort on the travertine floor.

Of course, the holes can grow bigger with time. But you can use polishing products, sealants, powders and surface treatments to keep the wear down.