Why Brick Pavers Are Popular For Commercial Parking Lots

Brick Commercial Parking Lots

In Southwest Florida, brick pavers are a popular choice for creating beautiful and durable commercial parking lots. In this tropical climate, brick pavers offer many advantages when compared to asphalt or concrete surfaces. Here are some reasons why so many businesses and organizations in the area use brick pavers for their parking lot surfaces:

Commercial Parking Lots
  1. Durability & Longevity: Brick pavers offer superior durability than asphalt or concrete surfaces. They can withstand frequent exposure to UV rays, salt water spray, and extreme temperature fluctuations better than other surfaces. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor parking lots that are subject to the elements year-round. Moreover, since they’re made of individual bricks that can be replaced individually should they become damaged due to wear and tear or an unforeseen incident, you can easily maintain your parking lot with minimal effort—and at a reasonable cost.
  2. Slip Resistance:
    The porous nature of brick paving provides a safer surface than porous concrete or asphalt by improve traction—especially during wet weather conditions such as rain showers and storms common to the region in summer months. This slip-resistant surface keeps visitors from slipping and falling while walking around the parking lot.
  3. Low Maintenance: Unlike asphalt or concrete which require regular cleaning and maintenance every couple years, brick paver driveways need very little attention over time as they hardly require any additional sealants or treatments over time compare to other surfaces materials . This saves businesses expenses cost on upkeep of their facilities regularly basis.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Let’s face it—a plain black (or gray) asphalt surface is quite boring when compared to an eye-catching pattern utilizes different colors of bricks pavers laid out in an attractive manner. Moreover with endless design options available there’s nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to look of your commercial property either a conventional one color if simplicity is what you’re looking for or unique patterns more suit your business brand image .

Good Choice For Business Owners

Overall , if you’re looking for a durable, attractive , secure yet low maintenance material for Southwest Florida’s commercial driveways then brick paving is an excellent choice! Not only will it last longer with minimal upkeep from year after year but its aesthetically pleasing visual will provide appealing first impression visitors make coming into your premises thus having real impact on customer experience overall.

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What Are Interlocking Paver Stones?

What are interlocking paver stones?

Interlocking Paver Stones

Interlocking paver stones are just what you need for a robust hardscape be it your driveway, patio or walkway.

Interlocking paver stones are a natural choice for long-lived and sturdy hardscapes.

The beauty of interlocking paving stones is that you can choose the stone pattern and color that will best complement your property décor. Thus, you are free to choose from paver stone shapes and geometrical patterns that will bring out the best in your property.

Interlocking Brick Pavers

Paver Stone Foundation

There is no doubt that interlocking paver stones look very impressive. But it really is the foundation of the interlocking stone pavers that really gives rise to their legendary durability.

Paver stones are held rigidly in place because of the high level of friction that comes from joint sand between pavers.

You just don’t lay out brick pavers on a simple smooth surface. An intricate base exists underneath the interlocking stones that is every bit as important as the paver stones on top.

Below the interlocking stones is an inch thick layer of bedding sand. Underneath the bedding sand is a layer of compacted aggregate base. The thickness of the base layer depends on the application.

Paver Stone Edge Restraints

Edge restraints are crucial for a paving system that is rigid and strong. Made from aluminum, plastic or concrete, edge restraints prevent relative movement in the brick pavers to keep them intact.

After the paver stones are laid on the solid foundation and the edge restraint has been constructed, sand is poured out on the paver stones. The sand settles within the paver gaps to maintain a powerful interlocking force.

Easy to Maintain

Another crucial benefit of interlocking paver stones is that they are so easy to replace. To begin with, they are very sturdy and long lasting. Should even a single paver stone get damaged, it can easily be replaced without a trace. There will be no adverse on other paver stones surrounding the replaced paver stone.

Interlocking Paver Stone Advantages

Here are the major benefits of interlocking stone pavers.

  • Very simple to maintain and repair.
  • Huge variety of colors available to suit your property facade.
  • Wide spectrum of brick shapes and geometrical patterns.
  • Paver stone hardscapes are in high demand and thus enhance property value.
  • Exceptional durability to the elements.
  • Resilient to heavy weights and traffic.
  • Permeable and thus beneficial to the environment.

Biggest Cons of Interlocking Paver Stones.

  • Weeds can start growing in gaps between stones.
  • Costlier than concrete.

Do bear in mind that regular brick paver maintenance can minimize weed growth. Although more expensive than concrete, brick stone pavers are often more durable, longer lasting and aesthetically appealing. This makes brick stone pavers a far better investment.

The most important fact to take note of is that if you are interested in long lasting, beautiful stone pavers that look just right, then you will have to hire the right experts for the job.

Are you interested in a fantastic hardscape that will last long and look great on your property?