Questions To Ask When Hiring Contractors

When Hiring Contractors…

Don’t Hire “Storm Chasers”

Hurricane Irma is a good reminder to ask questions anytime when hiring contractors for any job around your home. So many times when people are at their most vulnerable time in their lives, there are others (called Storm Chasers) that arrive on the scene out of the clear blue offering repairs and services you need.  How convenient that you didn’t have to call someone and wait for them to put you on their schedule! Many times these people provide a “quick fix” to your problem and haven’t done a thorough inspection of the job and then the job has to be completed all over again, costing you more money.

Hiring Contractors

Are They Bonded or Insured?

This is a very overlooked and important question to ask, because if something happens and they get hurt on your property, guess who they are going look to for medical costs…YOU! Protect yourself with this very simple question. Any legitimate contractor will carry liability coverage on their employees and if they don’t provide this info then you will be wise to look for another contractor.

Are They Licensed In The State of Florida as a Contractor?

Ask them for a business card or other document with their Company Name and state license number. Then simply go online at the Division of Corporations and check them out. It takes only a few minutes and can save you a lot of grief.

Do They Provide an Estimate of the Job?

You have the right to know what the job should cost. They should be able to provide a close, reasonable estimate of their services and put it in writing. If they leave an open ended price and tell you to just pay them the deductible and we will work the rest out with the insurance company, “Don’t Sign Anything”!

Can They Provide Any Referrals?

Any legitimate contractor will be happy to provide referrals of their work. If they give you a hard time or try to sidestep this, maybe you should look for another contractor.

These are just some basic common sense practices when looking for any work to be done around your home. This should not only be done after a climatic event but anytime you need a contractor for any situation. Don’t get in such a hurry that you take the chance.

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